4 steps to setting up SEO Minion

Step 1. Install the SEO Minion chrome extension or Firefox add-on

Please first install the SEO Minion Chrome extension or the Firefox add-on.

Step 2. Get the Keywords Everywhere API key

To use SEO Minion, you need to be a Keywords Everywhere customer. First you need to get your Keywords Everywhere API key here.

Once done, Install Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension or the Firefox add-on. Once installed click the "K" icon, then click on "Settings" and enter the API key and validate it. Now click the "K" icon again, and in the popup menu at the bottom you will see the link to purchase a subscription. Clicking this link will take you to the page to purchase the Keywords Everywhere plan.

Step 3. Purchase a subscription plan

You need to purchase a Keywords Everywhere annual subscription plan that is Silver or higher. Currently only the Silver, Gold, or Platinum plans work.

If you purchased Keywords Everywhere credits prior to 1st June 2023, then you would automatically be given the legacy plan. SEO Minion works for this plan as well.

Keywords Everywhere Pricing Plans

Step 4. Enter the API key in the SEO Minion settings page

Click the SEO Minion icon at the top right of your browser. The SEO Minion sidebar will open up. Here click on the "Settings" icon.

A new page opens where you can enter the Keywords Everywhere API key. Enter your API key and click the "Validate" button.

If your API key does not have the correct subscription plan, it will show an error like seen below

Incorrect Keywords Everywhere API Key

If your API key has the correct subscription plan, it will show you a success message like seen below

Correct Keywords Everywhere API Key

Once done, you will now be able to use all of SEO Minion's functionalities.

You can view all the SEO Minion videos on YouTube.

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