News & Updates

v2.14 Updates

Released a new version for Firefox after adding the cookie consent screen to the SERP location checker for compliance.

13th Oct 2021

v2.13 Updates

Bug fixing:
- Fixed issues with Google Prerender

15th Sep 2021

v2.12 Updates

Bug fixing:
- Fixed issues with Google PAA

02nd Aug 2021

v2.11 Updates

Bug fixing:
- Fixed issues with Google PAA
- Made changes for Google's dark theme mode
- Fixed issue with headings being read incorrectly on some websites

28th July 2021

v2.10 Updates

- Display PAA Tree (horizontal + vertical)
- Changed how PAA is generated - users can choose nesting levels now

11th July 2021

v2.9 Updates

Bug fixing:
- Fixed issues with SERP location checker
- Fixed issue with highlighting all header in the Analyze On-Page SEO functionality

28th Mar 2021

v2.8 Updates

Bug fixing:
Google SERP changes caused the PAA text to not be copied correctly. Fixed this.

22nd Feb 2021

v2.7 Updates

Bug fixing:
Google SERP changes caused the SEO Minion widget to not show up on the right hand side for certain searches. Fixed this.

10th Feb 2021

v2.6 Updates

Bug fixing:
Google SERP changes broke the PAA suggestions & URLs from Organic, Images & FAQs. Fixed them.

19th Jan 2021

v2.5 Updates

Bug fixing:
Google SERP changes broke the Data Export & SERP stats. Fixed them.

8th Oct 2020

v2.4 Updates

Bug fixing:
Widget on does not show up if the extension is disabled

16th Aug 2020

v2.3 Updates

Bug fixing:
- fixed issue with some URLs not being read correctly
- fixed issue for Firefox with duplicate messages

30th Jun 2020

v2.2 Updates

Google SERP utilities - new features:
- added copy/download for Local, Product, Video, Image, Fresh, News and FAQ listings
- added SERP statistics table that shows how many results for each of the different types of listings

29th Jun 2020

v2.1 Updates

Firefox bug fix:
- There was a permissions bug in the v2.0 release for Firefox. This has been fixed. There is no v2.1 for Chrome, since there was no bug in Chrome. Chrome will skip v2.1. The next release for both will be v2.2

18th Jun 2020

v2.0 Updates

Google SERP utilities:
- copy/download all organic & ad results, download exhaustive list of People Also Ask (PAA) widget data. (The Firefox v2.0 has issues with copying and downloading data in the Google SERP utilities. This has been fixed in v2.2)

SERP Location Checker:
- now you can check the SERP for a single location, as well as compare the same SERP for two different locations.

Analyze On-Page SEO updates:
- added functionality to download all headings, and all images.

16th Jun 2020

v1.10 Updates

Get list of images using DOM:
- The Analyze On-Page feature now uses the DOM to find the images on the page as well. If your images were being added to the DOM via javascript, this feature will now correctly show them

Show list of words:
- You can now see all the words that make up the calculations for the words/characters shown in the Analyze On-Page feature.

SERP preview changes:
- Update to the SERP Preview to match how Google is currently showing the SERPs.

1st Mar 2020

v1.9 Updates

Analyze On-Page feature using DOM:
- The Analyze On-Page feature now uses the DOM to find the content on the page. If your content was being created via javascript, this feature will now correctly show the meta tags, headings and other content

Fix for Pre-render icon:
- Due to Google's HTML changes the pre-render icon was not shown. This has been fixed.

8th Feb 2020

v1.8 Updates

Image Alt Tags:
- The images with missing alt tags now open in new window. Also, fixed bugs where alt tags were not being recognized correctly

Headings can be seen with default sort:
- In the Analyze Page feature, headings were sorted by categories. Now you can choose to see them sorted in the way they are found in the HTML making it easier to locate them.

28th July 2019

v1.7 Updates

Fixed issue with showing incorrect redirects in the Broken Link Checker

1st June 2019

v1.4, v1.5 & v1.6 Updates

Multiple Bug fixes

2nd May 2019

v1.3 Updates

Hreflang Checker:
- You can check the Hreflang on your pages. The tool checks for the following issues: (1) hreflang tag page does not exist (2) hreflang tag page does not have a return tag (3) Missing "x-default" tag (4) Incorrect language code (5) Incorrect region code

Page indexability & follow-ability:
- Users can check whether a page will be indexed and followed by search engines. The tool checks the following: (1) X-Robots-Tag Http header (2) robots Html meta tag (3) Robots.txt file settings

Highlight Links & Broken Link Checker: Additional filter options:
- Users can now filter links based on Follow/No-Follow in addition to Internal/External

Using Pre-render tag to show authority in SERPs:
- Google uses a rel="prerender" attribute for a URL in the SERP when it believes that the CTR to that URL is very high. This attribute is an indirect gauge for authority. We highlight this URL by showing the SEO Minion icon in front of it. Most brand queries will have this highlight. However, non-brand queries might also display this highlight, which would mean that the highlighted result gets more than a normal share of clicks, and will be very hard to out-rank

Support multiple languages:
- SEO Minion now natively supports Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Italian. If you would like us to support additional languages, please email us at and let us know. Do let us know if you do find some incorrect translations.

27th Mar 2019

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