SEO Minion News & Updates

v1.2 Updates (9th Feb 2019)

Analyze On-Page:
- Users can now highlight individual headings using the higlight/bulb icon shown next to each heading.

Broken Link Checker:
- Users can now download all links shown in the filtered table in a text file.

SERP Preview:
- Title tags now obey the pixel width decided by Google and are not truncated based only on number of characters.

Search Simulator:
- Added numbers to all the organic results to make it easier for users to see which positions the websites rank at.

v1.1 Updates (27th Jan 2019)

Analyze On-Page:
- Added support for Twitter cards markup.

Broken Link Checker:
- Users can now choose how fast the broken link checker should work. There is a new setting called "Interval between checks". You can increase/descrease the interval to slow down/speed up the broken link checker