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SEO Minion

Alfred to your Bat-man, Jeeves to your Wooster, Woodhouse to your Archer, Kato to your Green Hornet, KITT to your Knight Rider, Mushroom to your Super Mario, Lightsaber to your Jedi Knight ... you get the point!

SEO Minion Screenshot

Checking out the new SEO Minion Chrome Extention - the coolest feature is this side by side comparison of results in two different countries/languages

All SEO tasks covered

All in one SEO browser add-on

Analyze On-Page SEO

Analyze On-Page SEO issues for any webpage: Meta Tags, Headings, Open Graph etc

Check Redirects

Find all Redirects that a URL has taken (Server, MetaRefresh & Javascript)

Check Broken Links

Check all Broken Links on a page and categorize them based on Status Codes

SERP Preview Tool

Improve CTR by previewing your website on the top of Google Search Result Page for your chosen keyword

Simulate Multi-Location SERP

Check Google rankings for your website across multiple locations without personalization

Hreflang Checker

Check all Hreflang tags on the page, as well as on all the pages linked through the tags


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